How do you see the next change for the company within 5 years and how do you see yourself as making this change?

I see the next change, starting from 2021, is expansion in the same field (Distribution / Communications Equipment / Home and Electrical Appliances / Sales Retail / maintenance) at the level of some countries, including) Saudi Arabia / Morocco / Jordan) This is the horizontal expansion that I envision in a field Our work.

What were the achievements in revenue and sales and branches?

Achievements in revenue are escalating in a way Continuous every year for the previous year, for example, general revenues 2018 was higher than 2017 and revenue for 2019 so far is higher than 2018 and revenue is expected to surpass 2019 revenue This is due to the fact that we are contracting with a well thought out plan and a number of the international companies (trademarks of international companies). Achievements were also made at the level of branches where the number of branches was increased from 10 to 16 branches during 2019, and we plan to increase the number of branches from 16 to 50 branches during the next three years.

What is the biggest challenge facing the company?

Certainly the current recession of COVID-19 in the global economy facing countries is the biggest challenge facing the company, but Union Group always has a well thought out plan to meet this challenge and overcome on a state of general stagnation of the economy even if the amount of work decreases.

How to make sure your organization and its activities comply with your values?

The core values ​​are the religious and moral values ​​that we deviate from absolutely whatever the circumstances, we cannot imagine a successful and strong institution without Inculcating those values ​​and principles within the work environment and among employees.

What do you do to ensure your continued growth and development as a leader?

My dependence on growth is related to two aspects: The first part: academic) which is the permanent learning of everything new And knowing all the ways of modern management in the private work path In the company even if it is found outside Egypt. The second part: the job market Life is the best teacher and the market is a professor my mentor and company strength is working with team spirit and exchange ideas and opinions.

When faced with two equally qualified cadres, how can you determine the most suitable for the job?

Certainly if the two are technically equal then the main factor will be the personal abilities, as we focus That the employee has the best personal abilities with the highest capabilities technical to ensure a strong rate of production.

How do you reward performance?

Physically, it is according to company regulations in determining rewards. Morally, commending the people and celebratory work to reinforce this praise for other employees

What is the market response to the company’s products?

If we looked at products that we own, such as Huawei Phones, Infinix, Vivo and LG Electronics, we will find that the increase in its sales rate continuously and increase Their marketing share periodically, according to the GFK report, which is the best guide, the market responds to our product is impressive.

How do you develop so that you can compete effectively?

We follow modern technology in developing our departments. We will also follow the latest methods of modern technologies such as online sales and eCommerce, etc..

What makes Union Group a successful company?

Continuing the success of Union Group has several main elements, such as:
1. Turnover, which indicates the persistence of employees Their satisfaction and adherence to the company is the company’s success and continuity and its growth in the Egyptian market.

2. The customer’s confidence in the company and the continuation of dealing with the company builds confidence to do more business with us.

3. Supplier confidence, good reputation and total confidence in the process of distribution in addition to relying on the company for the exchange of ideas And compatible views.

4. The return on employees and shareholders from profits  is one of the most prominent elements in the company’s success.

How do you see Union in the market?

Union Group is the No. 1 company in Egypt in the field of (Mobile phones / home appliances) and soon in sales Retail, God willing, and in the field of maintenance, we are one of the leading companies in this field.

How to help new employees adapt to a culture Your company?

We have many programs that will make our new employees to adapt quickly, which depend on the human resources department in a ways essential in their application, for example, a session with The new employee via the HR and the company history is explained, its position in the market, its policy and the employee inside the company enjoys. During the employee’s business trip, the company is included in many effective programs to reduce the barrier between employees and each other as the breakfast with the company chairman, which is a periodic event in which a group is chosen Random staff are different each time for breakfast with the president of the company and share their effective views on the progress of the company, its current and future position in the market, we also take care to make abroad trips that raise the efficiency of the team spirit. Union Group is interested in determining part of the company’s budget for training and development of the staff, which increases every year from the previous year, as we believe by investing in our employees.

How do you deal with a competitor who seems to be making great progress, and how you feel if there are greater threats?

One of the most important elements of the company is the analysis and follow-up of competitors and how they manage the market and their success factors in order to compete with them and provide a new success story for the society.

What distinguishes your company between competitors?

One of the most important of these points is our distinction over competitors by team work, freedom of expression, and the door policy open to everyone inside the company.